ArachNet Theft Deterrent

ArachNet Theft Deterrent
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The ArachNet Security System is a motion-censored alarm system that protects items in trucks, trailers, cargo racks and backyards from theft, removal and tampering. Stretched like a spider web over protected items, The ArachNet sounds an alarm if its meshed webbing is touched, alerting all that an illegal act may be taking place.

How It Works:

  • Meshed webbing is stretched over and across the item to be protected
  • Alarm box is positioned in center of protected item
  • End hooks are attached on the side of the car, truck, flatbed, or other item
  • Owner sets the alarm with one touch of the remote
  • That's it! It's ready to go!


  • Specially-designed, flexible meshed webbing similar to bungee cord
  • Spider-web configuration enhances area coverage and effectiveness
  • 8 End hooks of Heavy-duty plastic for long-lasting attachment to any surface
  • Weather-resistant Alarm box sewn into the mesh webbing
  • 120 DC alarm activates when any part is touched
  • Timing system automatically resets after 30 seconds of disuse
  • Remote activator toggles the system on and off easily and fits on key chain


  • Protects items stored in truck beds, trailers and cargo racks from theft
  • Saves time and money of replacing stolen or tampered items
  • Provides peace of mind on the items it covers
  • Easy to use on a wide range of valuable items
  • Ideal for protecting all kinds of important goods and materials such as tools, lawn mowers, boats, four-wheelers, motorcycles, barbecues, etc.

Patent Protection: Provisional Patent Approved, US Government #5144-952-5488 Full Patent Protection in process

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