Carp Formula

Carp Formula
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Anyone that has ever angled for Carp has tried baiting them with corn, often with great results. We were inspired by this to create our Carp Formula, which combines the attracting bubbles of our BaitCloud™ formula with the irresistible scent of corn to create a product tailored to Carp. Unlike traditional ground-bait, our corn scented Carp Formula is designed to release the smell and taste of sweet corn, without actually providing the carp anything to eat. Like our other formulations, this activates the fish, holds them in the target location and allows you to angle for them with your best technique. All BaitCloud™ products are designed to mimic the specific signals that your target species use to find their food. By doing this, the fish’s senses are lead into believing food is present, causing them to come to a specific location, and then activating their interest in your bait. Since no food is present, your tackle becomes more interesting to them. Each formulation is designed specifically to suit the preferences of individual species.

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