Scout Inflatables - Stabilizer Bar

Scout Inflatables - Stabilizer Bar
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Custom made Fly Casting stabilizer bar designed to fit any Scout365 inflatable boat for stand-up fishing and casting.

The bar can be retrofitted onto existing SCOUT365 boats and is specially engineered for inflatables. The bar is easy to assemble with quick release pins and folds forward out of the way when not in use. Built-in adjustments let you set to the preferred height then tension straps lock the bar into position making the boat and bar as one unit. It is rock solid!

All hardware is attached, no nuts and bolts to lose overboard, using marine grade stainless steel components. The bar also includes a removable padded cover making cleanup quick and easy. Fish bait hands can get a bit stinky.

  • Stand up stabilizer bar
  • 100% stability to stand and fish
  • Allow stable fly casting
  • The only stabilizer bar for inflatable boats

Size: 38" x 32" x 4"

Weight: 9 lbs.

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