Cranky™ Steps Kit

Cranky™ Steps Kit
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Safe and practical, Cranky High-Performance Tree Steps are easy to use and built to perform. The patent pending climbing system provides the hunter a complete PRO kit for safe tree climbing. You get seven solid-body aluminum steps, a ratchet wrench tool and a convenient belt holster. Forget cumbersome Z steps or other hard-to-use step designs. With Cranky, you just STICK IT to set the dual spike design into the tree. CRANK IT into the tree using the wrench. Then CLIMB IT with confidence.

The square design provides a wide boot surface with a meaty grip and a large, integrated handle to grab when climbing. The plastic holster keeps your steps together on your hip and includes an elastic strap to secure them during walk-in to your stand. At less than 5 pounds, Cranky High-Performance Tree Steps are worth their weight to bag that whitetail deer or big game trophy. Crank up your hunt with Cranky Tree Steps.

Product Features:

  • Dual Boot Step & Integrated Handgrip
  • Zero Twist Anti-Rotation Spike
  • Meaty Boot Cleats for Maximum Traction
  • Molded Plastic Belt Holster with Strap
  • Ratchet Wrench Toll for Fast Install
  • Lightweight Extruded Aluminum
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs (Max.)
  • Climbing Height: 16' (Approx.)

Cranky Steps Specifications:

  • Cranky Steps Kit Weight: 4.7 lbs
  • Tree Step Weight: 8.5 oz
  • Tree Step Body Width: 0.5"
  • Tree Step Body Height: 3.88"
  • Tree Step Body Length: 5.12"
  • Hex Head Lag Screw: 0.38" x 7.25"
  • Ratchet Wrench Size: 9/16"
  • Belt Holster: 4.75"L x 4.63"W x 5"H

What's in the box... 

  • (7) Cranky Tree Steps
  • Ratchet Wrench
  • Holster with Retainer Strap
  • Safety & Installation Instructions

Installation Video

Cranky Tree Steps include a heavy duty ratchet wrench for quick installation of each step. The holster also execrates your climb with organized access to your steps. No more fumbling on the way up.

Watch Now!

Stick It. Crank it. Climb It.

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