Floating Goose Decoys

Floating Goose Decoys
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Our Rogue Series Goose Feeder pack contains all the same great features and benefits of the Rogue Series packaged in a feeder only option. These decoys are a great addition to any spread to help build confidence and tell geese this is the spot to land. All come standard with our revolutionary “Hex” base and motion system; durable one piece construction and flocked heads and tails.

Warranty Period: 1 Year

Product Description

Our Rogue Series Floating Goose Decoy pack contains all the same great features and benefits of the DOA Rogue Series. Hunting geese over water can make for some of the most memorable and exciting water fowling experiences. When we set out to create our line of floating Canada Goose decoys, we knew nothing short of perfection was acceptable; so we took the same processes that made our full body decoys top of the market and applied them to our Rogue Series Goose Floaters.

Featuring weighted and recessed hexagonal keels, these decoys will move in the slightest wind or current. Movable heads and our exclusive paint process give these decoys realism unrivaled by our competitors. It’s safe to say that with our floaters on the water, geese will never know what hit them.

Packaged in 6 packs with 4 active heads, and 2 sentry heads.


  • Moveable flocked heads
  • Ultra realistic paint schemes
  • Weighted keels
  • Line tie-off on keel

Decoy Dimensions:

  • Floater: 4 active heads, 2 sentries. Sentry (H 13” X L 19.5” X W 10.5” 4.5lbs) Active (H 11” X L 19.5” X W 10.5” 4.5lbs

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