Dragon Hyde Cleaning Mat - Pistol or Rifle

Dragon Hyde Cleaning Mat - Pistol or Rifle
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The best functioning, toughest and coolest looking firearm cleaning mats – EVER

This heavy grade chemical resistant PVC gun cleaning mat with magnetic strips to hold metal parts or to roll up into a tube is as tough and durable as a Dragon's Hyde

  • Perfect for use with MSS formulas
  • Should last for many years
  • Coolest looking logos EVER

Dragon Hyde Cleaning Mat Advantages:

  • Great long-term investment and component for firearm maintenance
  • Durable enough to last for many years
  • Tear and puncture resistant reinforced industrial grad PVC (Dragon Hyde)
  • Perfect for MSS formulas, yet chemical resistant for harsh solvents
  • Liquids stay on top and are easily wiped up (a towel and Crystal Clear™ work great)
  • The soft surface will protect both the firearms and work area surface
  • Front magnetic strip holds screws and small metal parts in place
  • Easy storage - magnetic strip holds the mat together in a rolled up position
  • Back magnetic strip also holds the mat safely onto the tailgate of a truck for "those" situations
  • American ingenuity & American made at its BEST

Additional "GOOD Stuff" to know

Hey, now that you can clean inside with MSS products without getting yelled at for stinking everyone out, why not eliminate the next issue of protecting the surface of your table... from getting scratched or damaged (unhappy wife – unhappy you)? Dragon Hyde Ultimate Cleaning Mats, like the name says, are as tough and durable as dragon hyde (if dragons still did exist). You will love this mat because it has so many excellent features and is durable enough to last for years. It is a perfect fit for use with MSS formulas and a great long-term investment for shooters, PLUS it is a good way to show your pride in being a part of Spartan Nation – like all the other cool people!

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