Odor™ & UV Elimination Field Spray

Odor™ & UV Elimination Field Spray
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  • Patent Pending 2 in 1 Formula
  • Eliminates odor causing bacteria 
  • Anti bacterial and fungal
  • Creates an invisible layer of protection
  • Prevents new odors from forming
  • Eliminates the UV glow that game see
  • Protects against premature weathering and fading 
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X-Out ODOR ™ and UV Elimination Spray with Stealth Technology provides revolutionary odor elimination technology with the addition of effective UVinhibitors.  Stealth Technology is based on extensive research dedicated to bacterial and UV control.  Eliminating UV and Odor-causing bacteria will give you the ability to hunt virtually undetected(STEALTH) increasing your opportunity of taking that trophy game. X-Out Odor ™ is a powerful, yet gentle product that does not contain harsh chemicals that can irritate skin or damage clothing.

X-Out Odor ™with Stealth Technology neutralizes odors on contact, safely and effectively.  This unique formula is proven to destroy odors produced by the human body, as well as odors produced by animals, food and smoke.  X-Out Odor ™ with Stealth Technology will continue to provide hours of odor control protection by creating a residual surface barrier that inhibits new odor-causing compounds from forming for an extended period of time. X-Out Odor ™ with Stealth Technology outlasts and out performs all other brands.

With the addition of effective UV inhibitors, you will stay one step ahead of the game. Commercial laundry detergents, clothing fibers and chemical dyes found in camouflage clothing contain fabric brighteners easily seen by wild game, such as whitetail deer, which  perceive color in ultra-violet wavelengths differently than that of humans. The UV inhibitors found in  X-Out Odor ™ with Stealth Technology will allow your camouflage apparel to work as it was designed, but with a higher level of effectiveness. Our field spray leaves an invisible odor barrier that is  99.9% effective against odors caused by bacteria. 

RECOMMENDED USES: Spray liberally on hunting gear, boots, vest, jacket, pants, hat, and blinds. Do not spray directly onto exposed skin (X-Out Odor™ Body Spray is for skin use). Most effective when sprayed on 1 or more hours prior to hunt. Once established in the field, spray clothing and gear again. After eating in the field, spray yourself and area to eliminate the growth of odor causing Bacteria from foods, tobacco, beverages and human odors. Best results when used with  X-Out Odor’s ™  full line of Odor and UV Elimination products. 

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