UV Elimination Spray

UV Elimination Spray
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  • Formulated for bird hunters
  • Convenient UV eliminating spray bottle
  • Eliminates the UV glow that game see
  • Creates an invisible layer of protection
  • Protects against premature weathering and fading

X-Out Ultra Violet Eliminator is part of our Stealth Technology line and is the strongest UV eliminator on the market. This is a stronger version of our UV inhibitor used in our X-Out Odor & UV field spray. This product was designed for our Waterfowl and Upland bird hunters. Because it forms a protective barrier it also protects against premature fading and weathering of fabrics.

With the use of effective UV inhibitors, you will increase your chances of not being spotted in low lighting moments when birds are moving. Commercial laundry detergents, clothing fibers and chemical dyes found in camouflage clothing contain fabric brighteners easily seen by waterfowl and Upland birds.  Research shows that birds perceive color in ultra-violet wavelengths differently than that of humans. The human eye blocks out nearly 99% of UV unlike wildlife including birds. The UV inhibitors found in  X-Out UV ™ with Stealth Technology will allow your camouflage apparel to work as it was designed to, but with a higher level of effectiveness. Our UV inhibitor spray, binds to your camouflage  and prevents the emission of UV light. You are now  

Stealth...UV Free...Deadly! 

RECOMMENDED USES: Spray liberally on layout blinds, boat blinds and seats, hunting gear, camouflage clothing including boots, jackets, pants, vest, gloves and hat. Do not spray directly onto exposed skin. Most effective when sprayed on 1 or more hours prior to hunt. Best results when used with X-Out Odor’s ™ full line of Odor and UV Elimination products.

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