L-Bracket (Tree)

L-Bracket (Tree)
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The Track-It Bracket is the most versatile trail cam mount on the market. Our patent pending design lets you place a trail cam anywhere. Track-It Bracket can be mounted to a tree using standard hardware screws (not included) or mounted to PVC or metal posts using self-tapping screws (not included).

Track-It Bracket comes with one 1/4-20 camera mount knob that fits most standard cameras. We do not include mounting screws because there are so many ways, we let you decide what to use. If you care to haul a drill/screwdriver into the woods, you can use any wood or sheetrock screw that is 3″ long. If you mount it to a wooden dowel or stake, you can use shorter screws. If you mount it to a metal posts, you can use self-tapping screws. You can also use zip-ties, ratchet straps, velcro straps, and more. If you don’t want to haul extra tools, you can get eye bolts and use a rod or a third bolt to screw the Track-It Bracket to the post or tree.

The J-Bracket is designed for cameras with either a bottom mount or a back mount. Includes (1) Track-It Bracket Mount and (1) 1/4-20 knob.

Track-It Bracket Ideas:

  • Use several and mount GoPro cameras and record you own hunt, no other persons required.
  • Mount on an existing fence post and turn your camera in any direction.
  • Use a short stake and mount it near the ground, near a food plot.
  • Mount speakers in your back yard, around your patio, or under your deck.

NOTE: Tree version will not fit over a T-post. Can be mounted to a tree or used on a smaller post.

*Trail Camera not included.

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