Burgundy Saddleblanket Full Size Truck Bench

Burgundy Saddleblanket Full Size Truck Bench
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Our hard working Saddle Blanket Seat Covers are made specifically for bench seats in trucks that have already been a few miles, but still have a full tank and places to go. This is the natural fit for upgrading and protecting your truck in style. We're proud to bring you our Original Saddle Blanket Seat Cover, that will work and play as hard as you do, and yes, it's just as good as it's always been.

*Note: It's actually better now than it's ever been. We should know, we were there in the 1970's when this product was born in our hometown of Logan, UT. It was our family that helped bring it from way back there to sitting in front of you today. Take it from us, this is the good stuff.

  • Solid Bench Seat Cover
  • Heavy Duty Saddle Blanket Material
  • Front storage pockets
  • One piece design
  • 1 year limited warranty on seams, stitching and workmanship

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