WASP Archery - Queen

WASP Archery - Queen
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With a rising demand for a broadhead designed especially for women, Wasp has delivered the Queen. The Queen is the perfect broadhead for women who shoot bows below 55 pounds. Equipped with Wasp's Stainless Smart Tip and three razor-sharp blades that are .027 inches thick, women can now have faith in a broadhead developed for them.

Stainless Smart Tip

The edges of the SST tip line up with each blade and paves the way through bone and tissue, creating pathways for the blades to follow, resulting in better penetration. Not held together by tiny screws or pins, but pressed onto the ferrule, it will never come off or out of alignment. It’s one Smart tip!

Reduced Surface Area

The smaller the surface area of a broadhead, the more forgiving it is. For more than 40 years, we have worked on designs to find the best combination of strength and accuracy and using the best materials for a perfect flying broadhead that blows through bone and cartilage.

Razor Sharp Blades

In 1971, we created the first replaceable blade broadhead, and have been improving them ever since. We harden our blades to a point where we can get a razor-sharp edge while still being flexible and not brittle. This allows them to bend and not break if they have to crash through bone.

Designed For Youth and Women

Women and youth are taking up bowhunting like never before. It’s great for our sport, but there has never been a broadhead designed specifically for them. Until now. Our line of broadheads for youth and women offers the most penetration for female and youth bowhunters.

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