AR500 Reactive Mini X-Popper

AR500 Reactive Mini X-Popper
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Our Reactive X-Popper is tough and durable as well as fun and entertaining. No resetting involved. Just simply set on the ground and your ready to shoot. Our reactive targets are built to a level thats supersedes the competition by utilizing state of the art fabrication equipment and certified professional welders. We build these targets for heavy use. Several thousands of rounds are used testing every target we sell. Using process of eliminating all of the weak areas are improved and revised so you can be confident our targets are the best on the market. These are perfect for professional shooting competitions as well as training centers. We use only the highest quality AR500 in combination with CNC laser cutting devices to minimize HAZ or heat affected zone as seen in cheaper plasma or torch cut targets. This ensures that the quality and integrity of our targets is preserved resulting in a longer life that will surpass the competitions! Best of all we are proudly made in America!

Comes with all hardware.

1/2" hole on back of bas plate for staking down

Spring enhanced for increased movement and sound.

Specifically designed for quick easy use.

Great target for serious competitive shooters.

Rated for .308 down

Strike facer are interchangeable with our replacement paddles from 1/2" to 3/8"

Ships unpainted


  • Quality AR500 steel
  • Spring loaded
  • Cut to perfection
  • Best sound in the industry
  • Built for heavy use with pistol ammunition
  • Best found prices

Technical Specs

  • Laser cut with 6,000 Watt CNC laser
  • Highest quality AR500 steel
  • Cut to accept 1/2" Bolts
  • Ships with hardware and Base
  • Spring loaded
  • Ships unpainted 
  • Target is 4" Wide by 14" Long 


  • Maintain point of impact under 3,000 FPS
  • Maintain a distance of 100+ yds for rifles and 10yds for pistols

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