Solid Broadheads - Legend Series 125-Grain

Solid Broadheads - Legend Series 125-Grain
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When you’re hunting bigger, tougher game, sometimes you want the unmatched confidence that comes from having a larger cutting area. With more than 5” of cutting edge with the 1/2” bleeder blade, you can rest assured that your harvest will be successful. If you want even more certainty, the Legend 125-Grain can be equipped with 3/4” bleeder blades to give you more than 6” of total cutting edge. Stop hunting blood trails and start shooting Solid.

  • Steel cut-on-contact tip
  • Samurai-style curved blades
  • 20 degree blade angle
  • .060" thick stainless steel blades to hold an edge and resist the elements
  • Zero-tapered ferrule
  • 5.60" total cutting edge (with 1/2" bleeder), 6.12" total cutting edge (3/4" bleeder)
  • 3 Legend Broadheads per pack
  • 125 grain broadhead

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