Solid Broadheads - Legend Dangerous Game 175-Grain

Solid Broadheads - Legend Dangerous Game 175-Grain
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You’ve managed to score the hunt of a lifetime. You’re headed to the African savannah to hunt one of the Big 5. Maybe you’re headed into the heart of Canada to hunt grizzly. Wherever you’re going, don’t take the chance on your equipment letting you down. Introducing the 175-Grain Legend Dangerous Game from Solid Broadheads. With increased cutting edge and the 175-Grain design, you can be confident in your ability to harvest your dream trophy.

  • Steel cut-on-contact tip
  • Samurai-style curved blades
  • 20 degree blade angle
  • .060" thick stainless steel blades to hold an edge and resist the elements
  • Zero-tapered ferrule
  • 5.60" total cutting edge (with 1/2" bleeder), 6.12" total cutting edge (3/4" bleeder)
  • 3 Legend Broadheads per pack
  • 175 grain broadhead

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