Talarik - Slinghook

Talarik - Slinghook
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The SlingHook is the most versatile sling catch available, simply pull it out of the box and attach it to any backpack shoulder strap with the velcro attachment and trim to fit. Works with ANY pack and holds up ANY sling or strap. Carrying a rifle, bow, crossbow or a camera has never been easier. The Talarik SlingHook is a lifesaver when hiking rugged terrain or just crossing a stream. Simple and functional, the SlingHook allows you to keep your rifle, bow, or camera supported and immediately available while hiking with a backpack. Use a tactical weapon? The SlingHook works great to keep your sling off your neck.

The SlingHook answers the age old debate, pack away your weapon for a completely hands free hike or keep it handy for when you need it? Better than any sling catch or clip on the market, the SlingHook is a fully adjustable, impact resistant, extremely easy to use sling hook that easily attaches to your favorite backpack shoulder strap.

As opposed to other more costly and complicated sling supports on the market, the SlingHook is a simple, no assembly necessary product. Compared to the cheaper sling saddle shoulder clip, the SlingHook is guaranteed to fit your pack and any sling.

Size: 2.8" x 1.5" x 1.6"

Weight: 0.8 oz

Inside Hook Dimensions:   2.25" L x 0.81" H

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