Apparition Scents - Nightmare

Apparition Scents - Nightmare
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Tags: Apparition Scents, Pre-orbital gland, deer gland lure, licking branck lure, scrape lure


All deer hunters know that deer communicate through scent. One key element to this communication process is the daily use of scrapes. When a whitetail deposits its scent in these key locations, one of the main ways they mark their territory is by depositing scent secretions onto the overhanging branches. This process is achieved by utilizing their pre-orbital glands. The pre-orbital gland leaves behind a very powerful substance that will drive a rut crazed buck insane! Through countless hours of research and development, Apparition Scents has captured that moment and have created the most deadly buck attracting lure to hit the woods, NIGHTMARE. Nightmare consists of 100% all natural Pre-orbital gland secretions guaranteed to drive bucks crazy year round! There are no additives, no secret formula, and no gimmicks. This is a 100% all natural lure that will make you a whitetail deer’s worst NIGHTMARE.


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