Lunker Lures - Micro Blaze- 3.5 inches

Lunker Lures - Micro Blaze- 3.5 inches
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  • Lunker Lure
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ABS body with ultra-realistic 4D scanned finish incredible life like details. Wild, unstoppable action brings Tropy Fish charging out to smack it. The secret lies in the Lunker Lures distinct side-to-side wobble, which only accentuates the fluid swim of the multi-jointed articulating sections. Equipped with Sound Chamber, premium black-nickel hooks, and destined to be one of our deadliest baits ever! We use only top-quality materials to craft these unique fish-triggering baits, and extensively field-test every model. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Big Tropy Fish can be picky at times. They’ve put in a lot of time at the buffet table, and they know what they like. Give it to them. These anatomically correct swimbaits far exceed anything out there for realism; all have a medium-slow sink rate, so you can create all kinds of special effects. These Swimbaits represent young baitfish, a proven draw for mature Trophy Fish wherever they swim. They emulate the most sought-after forage in rivers and reservoirs; and it will catch fish when other lures can’t. Just as in nature, to target the lunkers who key on larger baitfish!

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