goTenna Mesh - Purple/Orange

goTenna Mesh  - Purple/Orange
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goTenna Mesh SMS & GPS Smartphone Booster Device | Chat, Send Texts & Location Information Without Cell Service or Wi-Fi | 24-Hour Battery, Weatherproof | Android & iOS Compatible

  • Pair to your phone and create your own signal. goTenna Mesh lets you send texts and GPS locations, no service required. Revolutionary mesh networking privately and automatically relays messages through other devices to extend beyond point-to-point range; the bigger your network, the stronger your communications.
  • MESH NETWORKING Link users in your area, relay and send messages farther while keeping them private.
  • PRIVATE MESSAGING Privately relay messages through your own network.
  • "GPS LOCATION MAPPING Download free offline maps of any location in the world & save & share pins."
  • "DELIVERY CONFIRMATION Confirmation receipts for every message sent.

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