Ethics Archery - Tube-O-Lube

Ethics Archery - Tube-O-Lube
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Dry lubricant is ideal when grease won't work.

SLIP Plate Tube-O-Lube is dry, milled graphite powder which is a natural, environmentally safe lubricant. This lubricant has a particle distribution that allows for proper lubrication to reduce mechanical wear and extend equipment life. When applied properly, dry graphite powder lubricant is unaffected by temperature extremes and does not attract or trap dirt or grit. 0.21 oz. USA made

When Spinning Inserts are paired with Tube-O-Lube they become Super Spinners!

It is hard to imagine a Ethics Archery spinning insert or competition point spinning faster and smoother. Yet they can do with Tube-O-Lube commercial grade graphite powder. With just one application to your Ethics Archery Spinning insert or competition point you will instantly see and feel the difference.

Make sure to add Tubo-O-Lube Graphite to your order!

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