Tree Stand Retrieval Device

Tree Stand Retrieval Device
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Quickly and safely get your gear from the ground into your stand with our retrieval device. Mount this device to your tree stand or attach it to your belt or backpack for convenient use.  With approximately 25 foot of nylon cord you can quickly get any gear into most tree stand set ups.

Our new Retrieval Device models are light weight and compact, holding approximately 25 feet of nylon braided cord. This product will allow you to safely get your gear into your stand without having to carry tangled rope.   Just attache the your device to your stand and it will or always be there when you need it.  The Stand Mount model clips directly to 1 inch square tubing and the Belt Clip model clips right to your belt or backpack strap if you wish to carry in the device.  This is a must have for the tree stand hunter.

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