Starter Kit

Starter Kit
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The FOUR HORSES – EVERYTHING needed to OPTIMIZE firearm performance

These FOUR HORSES are EVERYTHING needed to OPTIMIZE the performance of your firearms in one convenient storage case. The benefits from the technologies in this Pak will help you to MAXIMIZE your shooting experience!

"The FOUR HORSES – EVERYTHING needed to OPTIMIZE firearm performance"

This kit contains all of the products listed below in a handy carrying/storage case that you need to chemically clean, protect and optimize the performance of your firearms.

  • Optimize – Accuracy, Reliability & Functionality
  • Protect & Preserve
  • People & Earth Safe

Starter Kit advantages:

  • All the core products in one safe place
  • Dramatically more effective than the competition
  • Operate synergistically as a "firearm optimization system"
  • Able to create time and money efficiencies for shooters
  • Earth, people & "nose" friendly
  • American ingenuity & American made at its BEST

Additional "GOOD Stuff" to know

Do you want better ACCURACY - RELIABILITY & PERFORMANCE? Everything you do leads to the "all important shot." The benefits from the chemical technologies in the Kit produce the WOW factor that makes this one of the best ROI investments that you can make to MAXIMIZE your shooting experience!

This Kit contains:

  • 2 oz Accuracy Oil (firearm lubricant & protectant)
  • 2 oz Carbon Destroyer (carbon cleaner)
  • 2 oz Copper/Lead Destroyer (copper & lead cleaner)
  • 2 oz Crystal Clear (high definition lens cleaner & protectant)

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