Pivotal Trainer

Pivotal Trainer
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MULTIPLE SHOOTING MODES. Manual, holstered, or unholstered: you determine how long the target presents itself.

TRAIN SMARTER. Think first. Shoot second. Threat and no threat targets, along with timed intervals, train you for realistic preparation.

DESIGNED TO CHALLENGE. Patent pending technology eliminates anticipation and forces the shooter to use discretion before acting.

LIGHTWEIGHT PORTABILITY. Fully collapsible and transportable. Specifically designed for an easy assembly as well as tear down.

One of the most common problems for shooters is that they are not properly trained for stressful situations. The Pivotal Trainer turning target system is the most sophisticated, affordable target, with capabilities unparalleled in the industry. It comes with everything you see: Motor, Motor Ballistic Deflector, Arms, R.F. Remote, Target Stand and Brackets. Developed with a Navy SEAL, the Pivotal Trainer is a 180 degree turning target system for defensive shooters of all levels. The patent pending technology eliminates anticipation and forces the shooter to use discretion before acting. With the push of a few buttons, you can determine how long the target presents itself while maintaining random intervals. Use Manual mode to have a buddy control the target or shoot solo with the Holstered / Unholstered timed modes. These capabilities are even more impressive when one considers that they are built into a compact, streamlined package of 13 pounds in weight. The result is an adaptable target designed for virtually any platform. The easy-to-use adjustment system provides increased maneuverability. The universal mounting bracket allows it to be securely attached just about anywhere – the included frame, a door frame in a shoot house, an existing target runner in your indoor range, and much more. When weight is critical, yet maximum performance is essential, our pivotal trainer is a game changer. Recommended for indoor and outdoor use. Proudly designed in the USA.

For more info and specs, please visit: https://www.triumph-systems.com/collections/pivotal-trainers/products/pivotal-trainer 

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