Carbon Defence

Carbon Defence
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  • X-Out 360º
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  • $10.99
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  • Transform any camo into Odor & UV blocker
  • Adds odor control
  • Adds Ultra-Violet control
  • Adds sun protection UPF 30+
  • Prevents UV glow
  • Prevents premature fading of camo
  • Works in combination with our X-Out Odor 360 products
  • Save money with 3 products in 1

Are you tired of spending hundreds of dollars on expensive scent eliminating carbon camouflage that does not eliminate odors as advertised? Did you read about the recent court case expert Dr. Amos Turk findings? He determined that Scent Lok's clothing was only 32 percent effective and that is before it sat on a hanger or shelf at your favorite hunting store. How much odor do you think it has absorbed sitting there decreasing its abilities to eliminate odors in the woods?…/…/something-stinks-scent-lok

Why not save yourself money by using Carbon Defence for a fraction of the expensive scent brand's cost and allowing you to transform any piece of camo into an Odor and UV blocker! Did we mention that name brand scent's camo does not block UV or add UPF up to 30+. Carbon Defence washes in up to UPF 30+ into your camouflage. 

Don't worry if you have already purchased these over priced name brand scent elimination camos. You can still use Carbon Defence to recharge them and now know your getting the most out of your carbon clothing! Pick up some Carbon Defence today and find out why it has been called the Next Generation in Odor & UV Control!

Carbon Defence is a concentrated formula just 1 ounce treats 1.5 gallons of water. The entire 4 ounce bottle will treat camouflage garments and accessories multiple times. For $10.99 a blue collar hunter can now transform any budget camouflage into a Scent and UV blocker.

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