1791 Gun Leather - Belt Holster 2.1

1791 Gun Leather - Belt Holster 2.1
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  • 1791 Gunleather
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Product Description

Express your love of handcrafted American leather products and the freedoms of the Second Amendment with this 1791 Gunleather holster. Never be without your firearm and carry with confidence.

1791 Gunleather products are distinguished in the following ways:

  • All holsters are handcrafted using Premium American Heavy Native Steer hide.
  • Designed for a safe, quick draw.
  • Excellent retention.
  • Reinforced stitching ensures quality and security.
  • Lifetime warranty guaranteed with each product.

Additional Information

Weight: 0.567 lbs

Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 5in

Color: Black on Brown, Classic Brown, Signature Brown, Stealth Black

Size: CZ75, G17, G19, G25, G26, H&K 40c, MP 40, MP40c SR9, MP9 SHIELD, Walther P99, XDs

Left/Right: Left, Right

Size: 2 (Ruger LCR, Glock 17-19-22-23-26-27-31-32-33, S&W Shield, S&W MP40, Springfield XD – XDs, CZ75, H&K 45 – 40c, Walther P99)

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