Allegiance Ammo - PowerStrike™ .380 70gr 1050 FPS

Allegiance Ammo - PowerStrike™ .380 70gr 1050 FPS
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PowerStrike™ .380 ACP 70gr High Energy Transfer (H.E.T.) core penetrates past thick hide and bone, hits softer fluid-filled tissue, and breaks into lethal micro powdered metal particles. This creates a permanent and comparatively wider wound cavity, causing severe shock trauma. This massive shock trauma shuts down the central nervous system of the soft target, instantly stopping the threat.

The Allegiance PowerStrike™ .380 ACP 70gr may be a smaller caliber, but it packs the same powerful punch expected from the Allegiance Ammunition line of products. Keeping in mind that "dynamite can come in small packages", we've released a line of 380's that surpasses all the rest. This product is ideal for any person looking for a smaller concealed carry weapon, but desiring the same stopping power a person would expect in higher caliber rounds.

Product Specifications

  • Bullet Style: round nose
  • Cartridge OAL: .968
  • Weight: 70gr
  • FPS: 1050 FPS
  • Core: lead free powder metal
  • Jacket: gilding copper
  • Case: brass
  • Primer: boxer
  • Powder: clean burning, low flash, smokeless
  • Pressure not to exceed: 21,000
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Factory: Allegiance
  • Packaging: 20 rd. boxes

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