Allegiance Ammo - PowerStrike™ 223 110gr 2100 FPS

Allegiance Ammo - PowerStrike™ 223 110gr 2100 FPS
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PowerStrike™ 223 110gr High Energy Transfer (H.E.T.) is the heaviest 223 round on the market. Using a special blend of heavy dense lead free powder metal Allegiance produces the PowerStrike™ 110 for short range CQB, tactical situations and hunting large thick bone animals that penetration ability is needed to reach the vitals.

The heavy lead free dense core penetrates past thick hide and bone with ease, and then when it hits softer fluid-filled tissue, it fragments in a multi directional cone of rotational lethal micro powdered metal particles. This creates a much larger permanent and comparatively wider wound cavity, causing severe shock trauma. This massive shock trauma shuts down the central nervous system of the soft target, instantly stopping the treat. With the H.E.T. there is no exit even at point blank range, which means the energy transfer is 100% into the target. With this technology threats can no longer hide in crowds. They can be surgically hit and stopped without endangering innocent bystanders from a shoot through.

Allegiance PowerStrike™ is truly 21st century Advanced Ballistic Technology.

Product Specifications

  • Bullet Style: flat base round nose
  • Cartridge OAL: 2.150
  • Weight: 110gr
  • FPS: 2100 FPS
  • Core: lead free powder metal
  • Jacket: gilding copper
  • Case: brass
  • Primer: boxer
  • Powder: clean burning, low flash, smokeless
  • Pressure not to exceed: 56,000
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Factory: Allegiance
  • Packaging: 20 rd. boxes

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