Allegiance Ammo - OneStrike™ 9mm 70gr 1475 FPS

Allegiance Ammo - OneStrike™ 9mm 70gr 1475 FPS
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OneStrike™ is a lead free powder metal core round that is designed to give faster, massive fragmentation in soft tissue and in case of a miss fragment down to small minute particles as it passes through light barriers such as house walls, car doors, aircraft seats or hulls. It is excellent for guarding sensitive areas such as nuclear facilities, gas oil refineries, ship boarding, where over penetration through a structure or ricochet could spell disaster.

OneStrike™ is ideal for high crowd areas such as schools, hospitals, airports, VIP events and home protection. OneStrike™'s powder metal core at 1475 FPS accelerates through heavy clothing to reach the vitals causing massive damage to soft tissue creating sudden shock trauma to the central nervous system and shutting it down from overload, which stops the threat quicker than any other round.

Product Specifications

  • Bullet Style: round nose
  • Cartridge OAL: 1.160
  • Weight: 70gr
  • FPS: 1475 FPS
  • Core: lead free powder metal
  • Jacket: gilding copper
  • Case: brass
  • Primer: boxer
  • Powder: clean burning, low flash, smokeless
  • Pressure not to exceed: 33,000
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Factory: Allegiance
  • Packaging: 20 rd. boxes

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