Allegiance Ammo - TechStrike™ 223 80gr 1875 FPS

Allegiance Ammo - TechStrike™ 223 80gr 1875 FPS
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TechStrike™ 223 80gr is designed for use inside and around sensitive areas such as nuclear plants, oil/gas refineries, airports, ship boarding where shooting through a structure or ricochet could spell disaster. This round will fragment on a thin 3mm thick stainless steel pipe with a direct hit at 3M.

TechStrike™ 223 80gr is the perfect round for high crowd areas such as schools, vip protection, hospitals, and courtrooms. With TechStrike™'s H.E.T. (High Energy Transfer) projectile threats can no longer hide in a crowd but can now be surgically hit and stopped without fear of an over-penetration and hurting or killing an innocent bystander.

TechStrike™ projectiles are designed to fragment once inside soft fluid filled tissue, which makes it the most advanced round produced. The enormous fragmentation creates extreme tissue damage, which causes the central nervous system to shut down from massive shock trauma, which stops the treat quickly.

Product Specifications

  • Bullet Style: flat base round nose
  • Cartridge OAL: 2.150
  • Weight: 80gr
  • FPS: 1875 FPS
  • Core: lead free powder metal
  • Jacket: gilding copper
  • Case: brass
  • Primer: boxer
  • Powder: clean burning, low flash, smokeless
  • Pressure not to exceed: 56,000
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Factory: Allegiance
  • Packaging: 20 rd. boxes

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