The Patriot

The Patriot
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It is perfectly balanced with a slim forend stock design weighs just over 5 pounds (bare). The slim forend fits comfortably in your hand for easy carrying. The action is housed in a 7075 Aluminum, billet machined frame. Our design is truly hammer-less. Cocking is done by pulling the break trigger when opening the action. There are no hammers or sliders that require cocking, pushing or pulling in those critical seconds sometimes needed to make the shot. We utilize a cross bolt safety located just behind the trigger. The safety can be setup to accommodate right or left handed shooters. The break trigger functions as part of the trigger guard which remains locked. Simply pressing a button unlocks the break trigger to allow the action to be opened. The trigger guard is has plenty of room so hunters can wear gloves and easily access the trigger. The breech and action are fully enclosed protecting the primer from the elements.

Loose powder and pellets can be used with the universal breech plug. The breech plug design favors loose powder for those who want ultimate accuracy and instant ignition. A socket and wrench are provided with the rifle to remove the breech plug. Simply pushing the break pin through with the ramrod allows the barrel to be removed from the action. It is crucial that no damaging materials are inserted in the barrel. Our ramrod will not damage the crown or bore which will happen during the use of aluminum and fiberglass ramrods. The ramrod features a delrin shaft with brass ends. The ramrod is so flexible, it can be bent until the ends touch without breaking.

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