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About Us

A revolutionary one-stop shop for everyone and everything outdoors. Seems like a dream right? In 2014, that was Ridge Road Outdoor’s dream, to not only create the best consumer-facing online marketplace in the outdoor space but to also provide the digital marketing solutions for the brands behind the marketplace. For Ridge Road Outdoor, that is no longer a dream, but a reality. 

How does this reality work you ask? It starts with the Ridge Road Outdoor Market Place, or should we say places. Ridge Road Outdoors sells over 40,000 skews of outdoor related products to consumers, VIP industry leaders, the industry’s elite media, and more through our targeted platforms. These numbers are only growing says RRO owner Geoff Heppding, the goal is to grow the marketplaces to exceed one million products over the next few years. That number is feasible too. “I grew my last marketplace in a different industry to over 1.8 million products,” says Geoff, explaining that his success lies in the power of shared traffic. 

Shared traffic is something Ridge Road Outdoors is doing well using their targeted platforms. These individualized marketplaces allow Ridge Road Outdoors to connect your brand with the right people. For example, the Clubs and Leagues marketplace is the destination retailer for over 500,000 4H National Shooting Sports, USA High School and College Clay Target Leagues and the Kicking Bear Archery Foundation athletes and their parents.

Another method of shared traffic RRO prides themselves on is the Power Sharing Network. Launched in 2018, the Power Sharing Network is the most revolutionary social media program developed for the outdoor industry. With hundreds of influencers in the industry’s largest special interest groups, our Power Sharing Network outperforms traditional paid advertising through social media. Dollar-for-dollar, our program provides the best ROI on the internet, topping Instagram, Facebook, and others, as compared using AdStage Digital Comparisons. RRO is also the only industry company that backs their digital marketing performance with a Digital Media Performance Money Back Guarantee. 

Using the Power Sharing Network, Ridge Road Outdoors directs new customers from social media directly to the marketplace with strategically placed influencers and media. RRO influencers use content create by Ridge Road Outdoors to start product central conversations in special interest groups. POMA media place RRO created product ads across blogs and editorial websites generating product clickthrough. 

These customers, once in the marketplace, are treated to the best in customer service. This includes a twenty-one-day hassle free return policy with no questions asked. This does not come as a hassle to the manufacturer either, RRO takes possession of all returned items and handles resale or donation themselves. 

By joining the Ridge Road Country Club,  a free membership for consumers affiliated with a select group of organizations that give back, customers also receive discounts on all products. This membership also provides access to factory direct exclusive offers, bundles, and contests and giveaways.  

Our one-stop shop wouldn’t be complete for our customers without firearms, a product that many believe is difficult to buy online. Ridge Road, however, has made it simple by partnering directly with FFLs and dealers. Customers purchase firearms on our platform that are shipped directly from the manufacturer to one of 4000 FFLs selected by the purchaser. Ridge Road Outdoors takes no percentage of the firearms purchase allocating a Profit Lock guaranteed 10% commission to the FFL, who previously only makes a small paperwork fee from firearms purchased online. This way, both the firearms manufacturer and dealer earn their fair share and the customer is happy.  

All said, Ridge Road Outdoors is working day in and out to continually re-tool, improve and partner to deliver the best digital marketing and sales program in the outdoor and shooting sports industries. We back up that work with countless GUARANTEES!