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AMG - 22 LR Reloader With Primer Package

  • American Gun Manufacturing
  • SKU: amg-22-reloader

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  • $99.00



The 22LR is the most popular and most used round in the world. It is also one of the most versatile. The biggest drawback to the 22LR is that it is a rimfire cartridge. This means that the primer is built into the cartridge, and the compound is spun into the rim which creates an enclosed primer. When the firing pin strikes the rim, it ignites the primer compound. When you bring up reloading 22LR or any kind of rimfire, you will get a million reasons why you cannot reload them or why it’s not economical. BUT history has shown us that 1) it can be done and 2) in times of ammunition shortages or self-reliance situations, humankind has made it work so that it is economical.

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