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AMG - KynSHOT Buffer for .308 Rifles With Fixed Stock

  • American Gun Manufacturing
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The RB5006 KynSHOT Marksman hydraulic recoil buffer reduces felt recoil 20-30%, while largely eliminating muzzle rise.  The improvement in weapon accuracy – specifically second- and third shot accuracy – is even more noticeable as shooters report that their time to reacquire a target decreases, and in many cases never leaves their scope sights.  In our experience, the more serious the shooter, the greater the improvement is felt.

The RB5006 KynSHOT Marksman Recoil hydraulic recoil buffer is a proven system that has seen heavy use with civilian competition shooters, law enforcement personnel and the US Armed Forces.  Designed for .308 sized, AR type rifles with a full length, fixed stock such as the standard A2 type fixed stock and other aftermarket fixed stocks such as the Magpul PRS.  This buffer was designed for 7.62mm/.308 rifles, but will also work well with other cartridges based on the .308 case such as the .338 Federal, .260 Remington, .243 Winchester etc.

High strength 17-4 Stainless Steel construction throughout the unit, making it virtually impervious to corrosion.  Military grade materials and processes used in manufacture.  Guaranteed 10 years or 1 Million Rounds.

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