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SWA Little Tiger 54” Takedown Recurve Bow

  • Southwest Archery
  • SKU: swa-little-tiger-54-takedown-recurve-bow

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The Southwest Archery Little Tiger Takedown Recurve Bow is slightly larger version of the Tiny Tiger. With an overall length of 54” and a draw weight of 16lbs, 20lbs, and 24lbs; the Little Tiger is the perfect upgrade from a 48” bow and an awesome entry level bow for archers that may not be ready for a 62” bow. This beautiful riser, made entirely of tiger wood, comes fully equipped with threaded bushings for various attachments such as sight, rest/plunger, and stabilizer/bowfishing reel. The limbs are made of hard maple wood wrapped in fiberglass and offer reinforced limb tips making them Fast Flight/Flemish string compatible.

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