Newbold - 6” Round KD-Pivot Plate Rack

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Newbold's 6" KD-Pivot Plate Rack Kit includes (6) 6" KD-Pivot Targets in Orange, (6) KD-Base Mounts and (1) Set of our Alpha Stand Brackets and requires little assembly. All you have to do is add standard 2x4's to build a complete plate rate that is light weight, indoor and all-weather safe for use both at the indoor range or to be kept outside in any weather condition. 

Newbold's Knock-Down 6" KD-Pivot Reactive Targets react and fall over backwards when hit leaving only a pin hole in the self-sealing target plate. It stays down until you reset it manually or by pulling on a string. Bullets pass through the 6" KD target and the Pivot Base because they are both made of ElastiMAX™, our tough, flexible, self-sealing polymer. To mount a KD target on its Pivot Base, you simply snap it into place. Then secure the Pivot Base to your 2x4 stand with (4) wood screws provided. For a different experience with the KD Series Targets, mount the KD Base upside down for swinging action and automatic reset. KD-Pivot Targets can also be reset with a string or our Multiple KD-Pivot Reset System. 

Newbold’s Alpha Stand is an innovative set of target stand brackets that can be assembled in under a minute and are shoot through safe and ricochet free. These light weight brackets require no metal fasteners or hardware and make it simple and easy to transport your target stand to and from the range.  Compatible with just about any length 2x4s (lumber sold separately) the Alpha Stand can be assembled any length from 2’ – 8’ long with two brackets and as long at 16’ with a third bracket. This fully customizable stand is super strong and ultra-durable so it can take the hits just like our Newbold Targets. If the Alpha Stand is hit the bullet will pass through the material leaving minimal damage and will not bounce back to the firing line as seen with other steel target stand brackets. At 2 ½ lbs each the Alpha Stand is the safest, most light weight and durable target stand on the market.

Must purchase 2x4s separately to assemble target stand. One 3’ tall x 8’ long Newbold Alpha Stand requires (3) 2x4x8s. (1) eight-foot 2x4 for a crossbeam and (2) eight-foot 2x4s cut in half to make (4) legs for the stand. Once assembled you may mount your KD-Bases to the stand using (4) wood screws provided and snap the 6" KD-Pivot Plates into their KD-Bases. 

Handles Thosands of Rounds, Seven times lighter than steel, safer reactive shooting, Self-Sealing Technology for longer target life, Bullets pass through the target

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