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RACKOLOGY'S PLOT 365 food plot blend offers a perfect combination of the highest quality legumes available. 

 Highest quality clover and chicory seed for successful establishment
 Rich with antler building protein and other nutrients that deer crave
 Lasts up to 5 years on a single seeding and handles heavy grazing pressure
 Extremely heat, drought, & disease tolerant; performs well on a wide range of soil pH
 Plant in the spring or fall to hold deer year-round
 Makes a high protein “stand alone’” food plot or as a supplement to a small grain plot

​Premium Chickory, Red and White Clover's...  will give your deer herd a high energy food source with the maximum nutritional value available.  It is also highly attractive to pollinating insect such as bees and butterflies.  This added attraction will also be beneficial for other game animals such as turkeys who will feed on the insects as well as the plants.  Make Plot 365 a year round destination plot to bring your deer where you want them.  Shredding or mowing the first year is essential to get a good stand as it helps eliminate competition from weeds.   Plot 365 offers superior forage all spring, summer, and fall as well as into the winter months.  Agronomist and Biologist created for a superior mix of plants your deer want and need.  Attract deer all season and year long with RACKOLOGY'S PLOT 365 food plot blend! ​

3 lb. bag

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