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"We started Ridge Road Outdoors in 2014 with one goal: to build the Outdoor Industry's #1 Online Marketplace where brand owners have complete control and customers receive the greatest value."
- Co-Owners, Geoffrey & Kimberly Heppding

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The Ridge Road Outdoor Marketplace reaches well over 1.5 million outdoor and tactical consumers online every month and we are on a vertical growth rate expecting to reach more than 5 million a month by the end of this year.

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Access New Sales Channels

Access New Sales Channels

Ridge Road Outdoors independently markets each brand through multiple sales channels.

Marketplace Overview

Reach Millions of Consumers

Reach Millions of Consumers

Access millions of outdoors consumers, online, year round.

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No Weapons Restrictions

No Weapons Restrictions

We are the only marketplace where outdoor brands can put their full line of products online with no restrictions, including firearms and ammunition.

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